What is the most common basement water problem that you see at ARK?

I see a lot of hydrostatic pressure problems. In other words, there is too much water surrounding the home and the water begins to add too much pressure to the foundation. That is mostly caused by the water table being too close to the bottom layer of the basement.

What is the best way to fix the problem?

Most of the time, an interior French drain will solve the problem. When we install an interior French drain, we are drilling into the bottom layer of the foundation to get any moisture out. The drain uses gravity to pump the water away.

How long does that take to fix?

It depends on the size of the basement. During most of our jobs, we can complete approximately 40 feet of drain per day. The average basement is 25 x 25; therefore, we could need to do up to 100 lineal feet, which would take 3 or 4 days to complete.

Is there a “workaround” fix that people do that end up not working?

Most people think that using some paint or waterproofing sealer will stop the water from entering the basement. It is actually a Band-Aid to a bigger problem.

How does the ARK method beat out the competition?

ARK prides itself and digging wider and deeper French drains than any of the competition. We are also a small family-owned company. One of the family members manages every job. Plus, ARK encourages ongoing training for all of the staff.

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