Nervous about your basement flooding this winter?

While many people fear their basement flooding during the rainy season, experiencing a flood during the winter can cause an even bigger disaster. Common winter occurrences such as snow and ice can reap havoc on your home, but it isn’t hard to prevent if you plan ahead.

The best way to prevent basement flooding during the winter is to take preventative action by calling a premier basement services team. The professionals will create an action plan as they assess your risk of snow and ice damage and freezing pipes.

Snow and Ice

Any time that snow and ice start to build up, it must eventually melt, creating its own water runoff. Therefore, if water sometimes drains around your basement, the winter water will likely as well.

To avoid the snow and ice runoff, begin by cleaning out your gutters and drains around your home to provide a clear path. Furthermore, ensure that all your water removal methods are properly prepared and in working order. However, worrying about snow and ice is often the least of your winter basement flooding worries.

Freezing Pipes

Regardless of the size of your home, business, or apartment building, one of the biggest concerns for property owners is the fear of your pipes freezing and then ultimately bursting. Unfortunately, any time that the temperature drops below 32°F, there is an opportunity for the water within a pipe to freeze. When water freezes, it expands and can cause a break in the pipe. Then, when the seasons begin to change, and the ice has a chance to thaw, water will begin to leak through the crack.

According to Behance, it’s not uncommon for freezing pipes to cost homeowners about $8,000 per occurrence. That cost isn’t surprising considering that a single pipe could leak up to 250 gallons of water in one day!

To avoid freezing pipes, some of the best methods include:

  • Check the pipes that are most likely to freeze regularly.
  • Keep your home at a warm enough temperature (above 55F).
  • Keep water trickling through the pipes. Even a tiny bit will do the trick!
  • Make sure that at-risk pipes are new. The newer the pipe, the less likely it’s to freeze.

Prepare Your Basement

The best time to prepare for the winter months is during the other seasons. Not properly preparing your water removal system can leave your basement flooded. During the summer months, take the time to ensure all drains are cleared. Once it beings to snow, drains are often hidden and make it difficult to spot a clogging. Additionally, keep an eye open for cracks in your basement walls or areas that are starting to darken.

Furthermore, installing systems such as French Drains, completing basement waterproofing techniques, and fixing any foundational problems can be the difference between money well spent and your money being drained away.

Prevent Basement Flooding

Whether you are planning ahead or working to solve a problem, you want the best basement services team on your side. The winter months can cause more basement flooding than most people expect. However, with preventative measures, your home could be safe from damage.

Choose a premier basement waterproofing company to avoid winter flooding, such as Ark Basement Services. Our offices in Erie, PA, and Pittsburgh, PA, offer FREE estimates. Contact our team today to learn more.

Photo Credits: Garrett Hess

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