Erie gets an average of 44 inches of rain a year. To put that in perspective, Seattle, frequently considered the city that receives the most rainfall in the US, only averages 38 inches a year. Because of being right on Lake Erie with several long creeks going throughout the county, and it can be easy to find yourself with a wet basement.

If you are purchasing or selling a home with signs of a water problem, you should invest in fixing the problem.

Below are some of the most common basement water problems and solutions that we handle in Erie, PA.

Basement Flooding

Perhaps the most obvious sign there is a basement water problem is flooding. If your Erie basement fills with water or there is a water line on the walls, water may need to be diverted away from the home. Most of the time, homes that flood are at the base of a hill, near a creek, or near the lake.

The most efficient way to divert water is by installing a French drain. At Ark Basement Services, we install both internal and external drains. Upon inspection, our team will determine which option is the best for your home.

Basement Humidity

Erie summers can feel stifling hot because of the humidity. Humidity can sneak in basements in Erie through windows, cracks in the walls, and even in air vents.

Depending on the severity of the moisture level in the air, ARK sometimes suggests purchasing a dehumidifier. However, if there are cracks in the basement walls, the ARK team will need to fix the problem to keep the moisture out. Overwise, a dehumidifier if just covering up the issue.


There are a lot of basements in Erie that have mold. If there is not a current water problem, such as humidity or flooding, and there is mold, there was a water problem at one point. Once there is water in a basement, there is a chance mold will start growing. Sometimes the mold can even be challenging to spot, which allows it to grow larger and become more dangerous.

If there is mold in your basement, ensuring that it is removed completely is extremely important. If you are going to remove it yourself, be careful that the mold does not touch your skin, and you use soap and water to clean the surface thoroughly. However, ARK does not recommend removing mold yourself.

Call the Professionals

If there is water in your Erie basement, ARK Basement Services has a team that can help. As a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience, ARK diagnoses basement water problems and provides free estimates. Contact our team to learn more.