Summer humidity trapped in basements – How this happens and what to do

Homeowners dread moisture in their basement. Having any form of water in your basement can cause many problems, including black mold and cracks in the walls.

The summer’s humidity can only make it worse by getting trapped inside your basement. But since heat rises, how does the hot summer’s humidity end up in the basement?

Air Leakage

Have you ever retreated to the basement because it is cooler than upstairs? Warm air rises and creates a stacked effect in homes. This can create a negative pressure that pulls humid air in through any cracks in the walls or foundation. Any small opening could be the culprit of the water entering your basement. Sometimes the naked eye is not enough to see these little cracks, and a professional waterproofer may need to step in.
water damage from kitchens


Whether you are trying to ventilate your basement or not, there is a chance that your windows are letting humid air inside. If the windows are opened or are not in good condition, the warm and wet air will condense on the cold basement surfaces. This is similar and often mistaken for having cracks in the walls. However, it is directly from the ventilation.

The moisture can also be entering the basement through the air ducts in the house. Common rooms that have a lot of humidity are kitchens as you cook and bathrooms as you shower. To prevent this, be sure to use vent fans to remove the moisture in those rooms. If you think the humidity is coming from a specific place in your home, sometimes an extra fan or two can make a difference.


Tons of basements have dehumidifiers. Since basements have poor circulation compared to the rest of the house, it’s easy for the moisture to get stuck. Using a dehumidifier can help remove some of the moisture that is trapped.

Depending on the size of your basement and the level of the humidity, you may need a larger and more powerful dehumidifier. Purchasing a dehumidifier is a small investment compared to the cost of removing black mold.

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners don’t just keep your home at a comfortable temperature in the summer. Did you know that they remove moisture from the air too? Your air conditioner service team can ensure that you have the proper size installed for your square footage and can make sure there isn’t anything that is broken and prohibiting it from removing the moisture.

Pooling Water

If water is collecting around your home and foundation, it will most likely find a way into your basement. French drains, gutters, and adequate waterproofing can help you keep the water away and prohibit damage being done to your foundation and basement.

Stop Basement Moisture Now

Whether you know how the moisture is entering your basement or not, the Ark Basement Services team can come and assess your basement water problems. Contact our team today for a free estimate!

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