Why You Need to Replace Your Basement Windows Periodically

Basement windows are small and frequently forgotten about part of a home because they are rarely used. When you are replacing windows or concerned with moisture in your home, you shouldn’t forget the basement. Replacing the basement windows comes with several benefits, including:

      Reduced Humidity
      Old or broken windows let in air from the outside. Even the tiniest of cracks let air inside. During the summer, the warm moist air will creep inside. When humidity enters your home, particularly in your basement, mold can begin to form. To combat humidity, people often purchase a dehumidifier. Although this could help, you will be increasing your electricity bill and will only be putting a band-aid on the problem. New windows will ensure no air from the outside is finding its way inside.
      Eliminates Air Flow Gaps
      Most of the time, old windows with airflow gaps come from cracks between the window and the wall. These cracks are keeping your basement cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The easiest way to fix airflow gaps is to replace the windows. However, you may be able to fill in some of the cracks if they are small.

          Improved Energy Efficiency
          By eliminating air flow gaps, your home’s HVAC system does not have to work overtime to keep up. The less your HVAC system has to work to maintain a temperature, the less energy you are paying for and using. Additionally, if you don’t need a dehumidifier to remove the moisture in the air, you are saving even more on your energy bill.
          Improved Security
          Did you know that most home break-ins happen through basement windows? That is because these windows are not replaced periodically and are a weak point to a home. Windows wear down over time. The glass can be more easily broken. When you purchase new windows, you can choose a thicker glass that will be harder for intruders to break. New windows also have updated locks.
          Increased Use-ability
          Old windows tend to be hard to open and close. If you ever need to open the basement windows for some airflow, new windows can make it much easier.

Invest in Your Basement

Are your basement windows the source of the water in your basement? Moisture in your basement should be taken very seriously. If you have had signs of humidity or water, Ark Basement Services can help you find the source and plan to fix it. Contact our team today for a free quote.

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