Remodeling your home? Not sure where to start?

Deciding to improve your home can be an exciting, scary, fun, and stressful time. You may find that the list is getting longer and longer with all the must-dos. One of the most important home improvement items that should be on everyone’s list is waterproofing the basement.

According to Water Damage Defense, about 98 percent of US basements experience some damage from water in the basement. Unfortunately, on average the costs to repair water damage ranges from $3,500 – $26,000.

There are several different types of waterproofing that you can do for your home, and not every method will be best for your specific situation. By calling a professional waterproofing contractor, an inspector will come to your home and assess your water risk and create a custom solution. Some of the suggestions that they may offer include interior sealants, interior water drainage, and exterior water drainage.

Interior Sealants

Normally interior sealants are not suggested as the one-and-done approach to waterproofing a basement. However, it is a quick Band-Aid that could prevent immediate damage. For instance, a time to use an interior sealant maybe when a waterproofing company can’t make it to your home before a storm or may act as a final touch to ensure a dry basement.

Interior Water Drainage

Commonly, waterproofing contractors suggest adding an interior water drainage system. An interior method of removing water from a basement includes a drainage system around the perimeter. This method can catch the water by the walls and redirect it properly.

Internal systems are often the choice of premier waterproofing contractors because it can be a quick way to remove water from the inside and is an affordable option. Additionally, internal systems normally do not have problems getting clogged and needing additional service in the future.
Installing drains to avoid water in basement

Exterior Water Drainage

Depending on your location and amount of water that may get into your basement, your waterproofing company may suggest using an exterior water drainage method. External water drainage most commonly means excavating 6 – 8 feet around the foundation of your home to add in new drainage tiles. It could also mean adding in a French Drain system into your yard.

All exterior water drainage methods tend to be more invasive and costly. However, often it is the only way to protect the foundation of your home from damage.

Choosing The Right Waterproofing Company

Having waterproofing on your home improvement list is essential. It only takes one time for water in your basement to cause damage to your home, which can be extremely costly and damaging. By choosing a premier waterproofing company, such as Ark Basement Services, you can ensure your home is in the right hands. Contact the team today for a free estimate.

A waterproofing contractor will come to your home to assess your situation. Every home is different, and the Ark Basement Services team will tailor a solution to your specific needs. Call the team today for a free estimate.

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