There is no one simple answer to why your basement walls may be leaking, even though everything outside is frozen. There are many possibilities, from cracks in your walls, your foundation is at the base of a slope, poor soil quality, and even hydrostatic pressure.

Cracks in the Walls

The tiny little cracks in your basement walls could be giving way to some water because of the heat inside your home. If you heat your home at all, it is warmer than the outside. This means that your foundation is warm and is melting the snow around your home, giving way to the water. The water that pooled around your home can slowly be seeping in through the walls, making its way into your basement.


If you are located at the base of a hill or a slope that could carry water to the bottom of your home, there is a good chance that water is looking for a way inside. Sometimes that water will even begin to cause foundation issues if not carried away.

If water is pooling around your home, you will need to have a professional alter the slope to carry the water away.

The Soil Quality

Different types of soil have different levels of water that it can hold. For instance, if you have clay soil around your home, water is absorbed quickly. However, if you have a ground that is based on sand, water is not absorbed. If the water is not absorbed properly by the soil, it can cause hydrostatic pressure problems.

Hydrostatic pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is when gravity forces water down into the ground, and it applies pressure to your foundation. When large amounts of water are forced downwards near your foundation, damage could occur. Often, installing a French drain to divert the water or repairing damaged gutters could fix the problem.

Avoid Leaky Basement Walls

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