Foundation Crack Repair

Are you having trouble opening or closing the doors to your house? Maybe you are struggling to open the windows or have water in the basement. If you look around the outside of your house, you may even see some cracks. These are some of the most common side effects of a house that needs the foundation repaired.

As soon as you notice the signs that your home’s foundation is damaged, you are already at risk of water entering your basement, if you haven’t already. The cracks provide easy access for water to enter your home and starting doing costly damage.

The thought of getting the foundation repaired can be daunting due to the high costs. However, there is an option called piering that can fix your foundation for a fraction of the cost.

What is Basement Piering?

Sometimes referred to as piling, piering is the process of driving steel beams into the ground around a home’s foundation. These beams are drilled deep enough that they rest on a stable surface, such as bedrock, to avoid shifting. Because the beams are resting on bedrock and not soil, your home’s foundation will not move as the ground around it settles and shifts, which will prevent future damage.

To install the piers, the contractors will expose the foundation to place a steel bracket at the base. Then the steel piers are drilled into the ground until it reaches a stable surface. But do not be concerned about your lawn and landscaping. Frequently the most favorable aspect of Piering is that there is very little if any, damage done to landscaping around the home because of the limited equipment needed to complete the job.

What Are The Benefits to Piering?

The most common reason people choose basement piering is that it is a low-cost foundation repair option. It’s a cheaper method because it uses less labor and less equipment.

Additionally, homes in tight spaces want to use the piering method. The equipment is portable and can be used in tight spaces, allowing for home foundations to be addressed properly, even in the tightest of spaces.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes it can be difficult to find companies that offer piering. For instance, there is only one premium basement services team in the Erie and Pittsburgh, PA area that offers piering.

What Else Should I Be Thinking About?

Piering will stop further damage to your home, but there may still be a risk of water entering your basement. You may need to fix cracks in the basement walls, or if water has been entering your home, you may need to remove black mold and have waterproofing done. To ensure that you are completely protecting your foundation and basement, always start with an evaluation and estimate from a reputable company. Ark Basement Services offers free estimates to homes in the Erie and Pittsburgh, PA area. Whether piering ends up being the right foundational repair method for you or not, we will solve your basement water problems. Contact us today to learn more about the piering and the other services that we offer.

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