During the winter, the humidity level drops. If cold air is sneaking into your home and your basement, your home’s humidity levels are likely too low. If your basement has a water problem, there is likely too much humidity in your home during the summer, and during the winter, there is not enough.

If you need to decrease the humidity in your basement right now, read our blog post about how to do so HERE.

Effects of Low Basement Humidity

Without having much water in the air, it can physically take a toll on you and your family. For example, your nose will be drier, and you can experience nose bleeds. The low winter humidity is also why many people have to use lotion to soothe their dry skin. But perhaps the most severe side effect is that low moisture in the air can allow illnesses to thrive.

How to Fix the Humidity Level

The easiest way to pull moisture out of the air is by purchasing a dehumidifier. There are dehumidifiers for every size room and every moisture level problem. However, there are a few negatives to consider before purchasing one. For one, it will increase your electric bill. Even worse, a dehumidifier is not solving the root problem. It is just hiding it.

But when it comes to increasing the humidity level in your home, it’s not as simple as purchasing a dehumidifier. You will have to solve the root problem.

Cracks in the Basement Walls

Little tiny cracks in your basement walls could be letting cold inside. Sometimes using a sealant paint could temporarily solve your humidity problem. But if the walls are bowed, have large cracks, or are letting water come through them, you will need a professional to come in and repair your foundation.

Poor Ventilation

If your basement has windows, they could be causing the humidity problem in your basement. For instance, old windows could be allowing cool air to sneak in. By replacing the windows, you can keep the heat inside and save on your heating bill.

Increase Your Basement Humidity Level Now

During the winter, the cool air from outside could be sneaking into your basement and taking the humidity straight out of your home. The team at Ark Basement Services is prepared to fix any foundation problems that could be causing this. Contact our team today for a FREE estimate.

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