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Whether it is for your home or commercial property, Ark Basement Services is the local Erie team that’s here to help. With an office located right in Erie, PA, our contractors can quickly determine what your basement water issue is and help solve the problem even faster.

We offer a wide range of basement services including, waterproofing, repairing foundations, fixing cracked walls, and installing French Drains. Our Erie contractors not only identify current problems, but Ark Basement Services also offers diagnostics to prevent possible issues.

Leaking Basement?

Heavy rainfall, pools of water, or cracks in your basement walls could lead to more than just destroyed personal valuables. Unfortunately, water in your basement can mean foundation problems, mold, and other extremely costly damages. Whether you have a small leaking basement or your basement is full of water, the Ark Basement Services team can waterproof your basement before the next disaster strikes.

We customize our waterproofing solutions to your unique basement. Ark Basement Services in Erie, PA can help prevent the next rainstorm or winter wash away from entering your home.Ark Erie Waterproofing Contractors

Foundation & Crack Repair

Foundation problems can be very evident. Some of the most common signs that the Ark Basement Services sees in Erie include:

  • Stair-step cracking
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Damaged doors and windows
  • Slab floor cracking
  • Drywall cracks
  • Sinking Foundations

Whether those common foundation signs apply to your home or commercial property, our experts will provide a free estimate to repair your problem.

Cracked & Bowing Walls or Foundation

Sometimes you don’t necessarily need to install a French Drain System to repair wall damage. Our team often sees wall issues that don’t need just waterproofing but just wall/foundation repairs. If your cracked/bowed walls aren’t fixed quickly, it can ruin your foundation or further, let water in. Our team recommends that you call our office right away at (814) 871-1797 if you notice your walls bowing or cracking.

Cracked and leaking basement walls are common in Erie because of our inclement weather that changes frequently. Luckily, Ark Basement Services contractors are highly skilled at repairing damaged basement and foundation walls. In fact, our customers are often surprised that our skilled contractors can salvage their gardens alongside their home while fixing the foundation from the outside with our piering system.  The Ark Basement team in Erie works together to place steel rods around your foundation, which causes little to no damage to your landscaping, which is uncommon among other contractors.  They are the only company in the area with this technology.

French Drain Basement System

The Ark team can help you determine if a French Drain system can help solve your water problem. In Erie, French Drains are a popular choice to divert water away from homes and businesses. Our team begins by digging a trench that will create a path for water to follow. Then it is filled with piping, rocks, or gravel that acts as a medium that the water can move through and towards an outlet.

French Drains are often the right choice for locations that are at the bottom of a hill or valley where the water doesn’t have the opportunity to have a runoff. Our Erie team sees a lot of locations that hold water too near to a house or building. We recommend French Drains because it’s difficult to fully remove water from a basement when water is building up around the foundation.  Ark has many different ways to re-route the discharge from the system and has had to deal with a lot of difficult situations.  No job is ever too small and can always to done!

Who Are You Going To Call?

Older homes aren’t the only basements that need water prevention services. After about ten years, some waterproofing methods aren’t as effective which can quickly lead to issues. When you have an issue with water in your basement, you should be relying on the best Erie waterproofing contractors to help. The Ark team has an office in both Erie and Pittsburgh, PA. and our experts offer free quotes to anyone in need of basement services within the Western Pennsylvania area. Ark offers not only FREE Estimates but also a warranty on service and yearly maintenance when needed!

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