In North Western Pennsylvania, winter storms are no surprise. Lake Erie creates lake effect snow that can dump several inches, if not feet, onto the ground. Although Erie is accustomed to the snow, there is always a chance we could get another big storm that traps everyone inside of their homes.

In the case of a massive winter storm, you and your home need to be prepared.

Purchase Supplies

If you don’t already, you should have a sturdy shovel and salt on hand. You may need to shovel your sidewalk, driveway, or car out. You do not want the potential to be stuck waiting on a plow to come by so that you can leave your home.

Prepare the Necessities

Never let your fridge and cabinets go empty in the winter. It could be just your luck that on the day you have to go grocery shopping, a winter storm hits, and you are out of food, water, or toiletries. Always keep some non-perishables and bathroom necessities in stock, just in case. The best practice is to have at least three days’ worth in the winter.

Locate and Clear Vents

On the outside of your home, there should be a vent for your furnace. The vent could become blocked with snow or ice. If it is blocked, your furnace could stop working, or there could be a build-up of carbon monoxide inside of your home. If there is a significant snowfall, be sure to check the vent periodically to ensure it is clear. Additionally, you should have a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Check Carbon Monoxide and Fire Detectors

It is essential that your carbon monoxide and fire detectors are in working condition. Check your existing units and replace the batteries. If there is not already at least one on each floor of your home, now is the best time to install in news. Although it is cold and wet in the winter, fires are still very common.

Many local fire stations will provide you with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for free. There are not any income requirements for this benefit.

Prepare Drainage

Before it begins to snow, check that your drainage points are clear and in working order. One of the most forgotten about drainage points in the winter is your gutters. Once the snow begins to melt, it could cause significant water problems for your home.

Avoid Water Damage

At ARK Basement Services, we specialize in keeping basements and foundations dry. When the snow begins to melt, we receive a lot of phone calls about water entering basements. If you proactively prepare for snow, you may be able to save thousands of dollars.

Contact our team to help prepare drainage points and proactively prepare your home for winter water.

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