If you are like most people, you probably have a love-hate relationship when it comes time for spring cleanup. The cleaning part is not so fun, but the satisfaction of a clean house and yard is worth it. To make the whole process (including the cleaning part!) more fun, try some of our suggestions below.

Start a De-Cluttering Fund

Going through clutter could fund your next vacation, dinner out, or ice cream cone. List your items online and keep the profit for your fund. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to list items for a local crowd or websites like Poshmark can be utilized for shipping clothing. Having money instead of the things that were hiding in your basement can be a very rewarding prize.

Pay the Kids

There are two huge benefits to paying kids to complete the spring-cleaning list. One, the jobs get done. Two, they learn the value of money and hard work. When kids are motivated by something, such as money, suddenly they can get a lot of work done quickly. If you don’t have any kids, often, a neighborhood kid is willing to be hired.

Listen to an Audiobook

Has there been a book that you have meant to read, but you cannot find the time? Cleaning is the best time to put in some headphones and listen. Many local libraries have audiobooks available for free, but Amazon’s Audible also has a vast selection.

Start Big

Try starting your spring cleaning off with a challenging or time-consuming job. Once the hard job is over, it’s all downhill from there! However, some people like to do the opposite and start with the smaller, more manageable jobs first. The momentum builds, and it makes a list get smaller faster.

Before selecting a method, do a little bit of self-reflecting to determine which way would work best for you and your family.

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