Often people think, “it could never happen to us,” but then it does. At any given point, sewage could back up into your basement. Sewage can be dangerous to you and your family’s health and can damage your foundation. If at all possible, you should be aware of the causes and how to prevent a sewage backup.

Sewage Backup Causes

Unfortunately, some causes of a sewage backup are not anyone’s fault; It just happens. For example, tree roots reach the point of damaging the sewage line. Sewage lines do not last forever and are subject to damage periodically.

Preventable causes could include drainpipe clogs and heavy rainfall. But if you prepare efficiently, you could help prevent sewage from backing up.

How to Prevent Sewage from Entering Your Basement

  • First off, you can prepare for the possibility. By keeping valuable items off of the floor, you can protect them from damage. Also, you can add sewage backup protection to your homeowner’s insurance. This does not come standard on most policies but is a cheap addition.
  • Keep an eye on your trees. If you notice your tree roots growing near pipes, you can cut them back.
  • Work to prevent clogged pipes. For example, do not pour grease or other thick substances down the drain.
  • Monitor the water runoff. If you know that the runoff ends up in your yard every time it rains, you may want to install a French drain. French drains divert the water away from your home. Additionally, it would help if you kept your gutters clean so that water does not crowd your foundation.
  • What to do if there is sewage in your basement now

    Sewage backup can be dangerous to you and your family’s health and home. If you can, turn off the electricity to the flooded area and the home’s water valve. Be sure to keep you and your family away from the sewage while doing so.

    Then you will want to notify your local municipal authority that your home is connected to and a professional to help clean the area.

    DO NOT use anything that has a drain until the problem has been fixed. This included flushing the toilet and using the sink or shower.

    If you have sewage backup insurance, the sooner you call your insurance agent, the better. They can help you set up a claim and get assistance sooner rather than later. They can also help you find a good local company to help clean the area.

    Prevent Sewage Backup by Avoiding Water Runoff

    At Ark Basement Services, we can install French drains or other water control methods to prevent water pooling near your home. We have teams in both Erie and Pittsburgh, PA, and provide estimates for free. Contact us today to learn more.

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