The holidays are approaching, and it’s the perfect time to start shopping. There are several staple tools that every handyman should have, and might already!

Below are a few ideas from stocking stuffers to larger items.

Stud Finder

If your handyman doesn’t have a stud finder, he needs one right away! Have you ever had something fall off of the wall or rip part of the drywall off? That is probably because your nails weren’t placed into a stud. Any project that involves hanging something on the wall needs a stud finder to ensure it is secure.

Utility Light

Another small gift idea is the utility light. Utility lights are great for when your handyman climbs into a crawl space or is working in a dark location. Lights can come in a variety of sizes. Plus, your handyman can never have too many utility lights.

Personalized Tools or Tool Bag

On websites such as Etsy, you can customize almost anything, including tools. Add his name, your anniversary, or an inside joke to make it special.

Work Boots

Every few years (maybe even more often), work boots should be replaced. Your handy man’s feet will thank you.

Tool Apron/Belt

Tool aprons and tool belts often go overlooked. They can be a big help when working on a project. It keeps his clothes clean(er) and holds lots of tools close at hand.

Replacement Tools

You can try to casually find out if any tools need to be replaced or have broken. Statements like, “Oh wow, it seems like you have had that hammer for a really long time.” could be a good conversation opener.

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